Restoration of German citizenship for Nazi victims and their descendants

Since August 20th 2021, the new German Nationality Act has granted the right of naturalization to an expanded group of (Jewish) victims of the Nazi regime, who were deprived of their German citizenship during the years 1933-1945.

Their descendants (children, grandchildren etc.) may be eligible as well for naturalization.

1. Who is eligible for naturalization under the new regulation?

Persons who, for reasons connected with persecution on political, racial or religious grounds between 30thJanuary 1933 and 8th May 1945,

  • gave up or lost their German citizenship prior to 26th February 1955 (especially through naturalization upon application in another state),
  • were excluded from the legal acquisition of German citizenship through marriage, legitimation or the collective naturalization of ethnic Germans during this period,


  • were not granted naturalization upon application,
  • were generally excluded from naturalization, which would otherwise have been possible upon application,


  • gave up or lost their ordinary residence in Germany provided that
    • residence was established prior to 30th January 1933 or
    • if such persons were children at the time, was established even after 30th January 1933.

2. Are descendants also eligible for naturalization?

Yes. Descendants of the above-mentioned persons (children, grandchildren) are also eligible for naturalization. This includes descendants who were adopted by eligible persons prior to 1st January 1977.

3. Who is descendant?

Children, grandchildren and so on.

This includes

  • legitimate children born before April 1st, 1953 to German mothers who have been expatriated and foreign fathers

as well as

  • illegitimate children born before July 1st, 1993 to German fathers who have been expatriated and foreign mothers.

4. What about those whose application was rejected in the past?

Those affected by this new regulation above-mentioned under No. 3, whose application for naturalization according to Article 116, Paragraph 2, Clause 1 of the Basic Law has been rejected in the past according to the previously applicable law, can submit a new application.

5. Service provided by us

The procedure for naturalization takes place before German authorities and exclusively in German. German Embassies are not involved. They only forward applications to the competent authorities in Germany.

We take over the entire handling of the procedure with the German authorities starting with a preliminary examination of eligibility by us followed by the compilation of the necessary documents and their submission as well as answering queries from the authorities etc. 

As soon as the German authorities have made a positive decision, you will receive the naturalization certificate at the German Embassy.

6. Contact

If you believe that you may be entitled to naturalization of German citizenship, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help. You can reach us at

7. Advantages of German citizenship

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